October 1, 2022

Business coach with whistle

Blame/ protest, about the Democrats, whistle – blower, and calling the procedure, a scam, fraud, and phony – news: The ultimate stage, appears to be, resorting to calling herself, a prey, and accusing, and complaining, about others, rather than getting any level of particular duty ethicon surgical staples lawsuit!

A few of his key concentration, seems to be, accusing the Democrats, demanding to manage the whistle – blower, and calling, the whole lot, a scam, fraud, and phony – news.

In exactly the same way, we often watch, developing stories, and so forth, in how, our political leaders state their version of circumstances (especially, those, unfavorable to their personal/ political agenda, and home – interest), the current, continuous, Ukraine investigation/ question, has demonstrated, the government of the Leader, to resort to some degree of distortion, and so forth, and Leader Trump, engaging in what seems as, a 5 – period process, of showing his perspective of the facts.

This ever – adjusting, set of communications, creates an environment, wherever our nation, is now significantly, polarized/ divided, and his fans, appear, to often, maybe not worry about the reality, or, believe every thing, he proclaims, while his competitors, attended to instantly, mistrust, his proclamations.

Nothing happened: Who doesn’t remember, Leader Donald Trump, talking about his telephone call, with the Ukrainian Leader, as, a ideal call? After delivering, what he referred to, as a transcript of the call (although, the document, clearly states, it was not), he experimented with change it, to his switch fact, utilising the motto, and strategy merchandize, saying, Read the Transcript.

Nevertheless, just as, after the Mueller Report, and the affirmation, of, number collusion, number obstruction (although, an intensive studying of the redacted report, explained significantly, differently), the current occupant of the Bright Home, and his evident enablers, initially, presented their version, of fact, instead!

No quid pro quo: Quid pro quo, is usually, defined, as a favor, or advantage, awarded, or estimated, in exchange for something.

Despite the President’s regular rejection of anything occurring, which suggested that, there couldn’t have already been that, since nothing was asked, or delivered, most people, studying the transcript, felt/ believed, believe it, showed, otherwise! Nevertheless, once we withheld funds, and Trump, asked, a favor, it certainly, looks, otherwise!

Even if there clearly was, and there wasn’t, it would have been OK: Saying, as the Leader, is entitled to getting actions, others couldn’t, it would have been, appropriate, even if, he did. Obviously, although, the transcript generally seems to prove, otherwise, that appears to be, the typical, next – stage, in his common – running – procedure, when it comes to addressing criticisms, and so forth!

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